Tehran - Rasht: 3:25AM, in a bus

October 26, 2019

So, 3:25 AM, on a bus. When I finally can start writing my second blog post. It’s a critical time here. talking about war and here I’m working for a remote web development team and can’t exit country until I spend 2 years of my life in military service. No thanks :)) I like traveling with nice friends. Friends who let me explore. I’m having an unplanned trip with Sina the next month which we are going to the eastern part of Iran and try to see where we gonna end up after 2 weeks. I like to write blog posts every day at that trip. sure that gonna be a unique experience.

About ongoing projects; my friend Saro and Pouya are working a Kurdish Teaching podcast for the Persian audience and I’m supporting them and excited till the finally publish it. Also, there is a new platform for RPGames borning, named “DeevHub” which I must work on its front-end. In the first phase, it’s gonna be a campaign management service and we want to add more features to it slowly.

Also these days I’m starting learning how to play my new MIDI-Keyboard that I bought last month, using this app called Simply Piano. It can use your mobile microphone to hear the piano or you can connect your MIDI-Keyboard directly by an OTG cable. I may want to watch some course if any of you with enough experience recommend me one.

That’s it :)) have a good week my friends!

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